Electrician in Clovelly – Why Hire Them?

“I need a Sydney local electrician to repair smoke alarm house rewiring in Clovelly,” my friend Mary announced as she handed me the thick pamphlet containing the charges for her smoke alarm house wiring. “What’s this all about?” I asked. Mary explained that smoke alarm installation was required by both the state fire authority and by her local government. My friend, being a do-it-yourselfer, felt that it wasn’t possible for her to fix all the wiring in her house on her own.

“Do you know anyone in Clovelly who can fix smoke alarms?” I enquired. “Not a chance,” she replied. “My supplier only uses the very best qualified smoke alarm electrician in the city.”

Mary has been a customer of mine for more than ten years. In that time, I have seen many different types of electricians. Some of those I’ve worked with have been happy to do a free electrical inspection when we needed to find out if any major wiring problems were going to occur. Other electricians have simply been too busy working on other customers’ homes to do much more than muck around with the wiring.

A few years ago, I was approached by two electricians who were keen to solve a major problem for a client. The problem was that the existing electrician was refusing to repair the entire house wiring system. The two electricians came to my house late on a Saturday evening. They had been called in by the client several hours earlier. They told me that they would be unable to complete the work on my home during the week.

I asked them what the problem was and one of the house rewiring experts indicated that the wiring had to be entirely replaced. I asked what they were going to charge me for this. They said that they would be quoting me in excess of $600 for their time. This was quite extreme because I was working with them on a Saturday evening.

I had heard horror stories about electricians working on homes all night and coming back to a ruined house in the morning. I was going to hire a plumber to finish the job but he could not do the job on the weekend. He also said that he did not know where the pipe was placed. This only added to my concerns. It was obvious that I had to find a new plumber.

So, I made an appointment with the newly re-trained electrician in Clovelly. I was apprehensive because this electrician was a friend of my son’s teacher’s wife. My son is now six years old and the teacher’s wife took him to see this guy for his first appointment. He explained that we had come from town so we could not see much.

What I saw was a man who looked older than his years. His shirt was wrinkled and he looked tired. However, he looked good enough to work on our bathroom and kitchen. I was not let down by this Local Coogee Electrician.

After the electrician in Clovelly left, I called him and explained what had happened. I explained that we were very important clients and I needed to talk to the owner to find out why the plumber could not complete the job. The electrician said that the previous owners did not bother to keep the place up to code and did not pay attention to safety regulations. I was happy to hear this because it means that I will not have to pay for an expensive plumber to fix the problem.

The last thing I did when I took care of the electrician in Clovelly was to find out where he did his day to day business. I went to the local electrician’s workplace and found that he did all of his work at home. I was surprised to find out that he actually cleaned and fixed appliances at home. This meant that he did not have an office and therefore no one offered to pay him for his work. He seemed like an honest and hard working electrician and it was reassuring to know that someone with his skills was in town.

When I called the electrician in Clovelly to finish the job, I expected the worst. Instead, I received a nice warm smile, a job well done and a friendly “good day” to go home with. I informed the plumber that I would make sure to let his wife know just how special he was to me. She was indeed delighted and appreciated the gesture.

I recommend that anyone who needs to find an electrician in Clovelly has three options. You can always go to the local plumber’s office to get help fix electrical faults. You could also find a great electrician by talking to your friends and family. Finally, you can go online and see if you can find a great electrician for a great price. Whichever you choose, you will not be disappointed in the job or in the outcome.

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